Baby Ball

March 26, 2008 at 8:27 pm (sewing)

After my brother told me that he and his girlfriend were expecting I started to sew stuff. I started with a baby-ball. Because it is very easy and fast to do…PrototypeI put a little bell in it, my brother loved it, but I thought that it´s abit boring as a gift and more like a prototype…So I googled the internet and found a picture of a lovely “grab-ball”.From the pictures I tried to re-engineer the pattern and ended  up thit lots of “Nockerln” (which is some kind of desert and has the same shape as my pieces…)img_12809.jpgI have honestly no comprehension of space and geometrical forms, but in spite of having no clue it got pretty good.ballball.jpg Sorry again for the crappy pictures… I hope that I can afford a new camera by around May. So please be patient. I am making picture with a canon powershot A10. Ancient but still working.My first baby-grab-ball didn´t go to my brother (I still have month until the Baby will grab anything…) but to a good friends babys. 


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Bad weather well spend…

March 25, 2008 at 11:07 pm (Knit)

I finished another Item. The cutest totoro bonnet (I ever made). The instructions came from You should visit the site – there are lots of nice patterns.My last crochet project was sometime ago (a potholder I had to make for school which was a total desaster and got unraveled from my elementery teacher and much later I  actually finished  a potholder after a friend of mine taught me how to…)Embroidery  is also not my strong point, please don´t judge me (too harshly). I kept mostly to the pattern except that I stuffed the ears with toy-cotton for a more plastic impression and for the ultimate chewing experience…. Totoro Bonnet

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Sick but productive…

March 16, 2008 at 12:35 pm (Knit)

Even so that the little gnomes I work with infected me with a snot, cough and throat – disease  I was able to finish and start some projects. I knitted the penguin from which was incredible  easy and fast to finish. The result is very cute. Even if it is abit useless… But what are children for and lucky me my family members are trying to improve the birthrate… The next project I started and even finished (which makes me especially proud) was Sheldo the Turtle. It become much bigger than I thought… Also useless and also cute.Penguin Sheldon the Turtle who has a huge fan club on the net. The removable shell is one of the most brilliant ideas ever! The Halloween Costume (I haven´t made yet) is also a real plus. And one can make as many different shells as one desires…Sheldon the Turtle

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March 10, 2008 at 5:36 pm (Knit)

I finished today my first and propably only pair of space invaders socks. The design is available at They are awesome! Anybody who has never been at knitty should visit I love the site.I would like to post a picture of my socks but the pictures my camera makes are so bad that there is no sense in uploading them.Still I am very proud of myself!Now I have all these terrible options what I could do next. All these obtions!!! Argh! I am stuck! Sooooo many things to knit and sew. And just two hands!   Socks with feet

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“Handarbeitsbörse Neubrandenburg” (Crafts fair in Neubrandenburg)

March 9, 2008 at 9:05 am (crafts fair, Uncategorized) (, , )

 The Crafts-fair in Neubrandenburg was my first visit to any crafts-fair  and I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. The area was actually quite big but the quilt exhibition was rather small. And crumbed to the outskirts of the gym. (The main part of the fair was on the playing-field) I thought that for so much work which was put into the quilts the display was rather sad. The fair was mainly selling stuff. There were some nice fabrics available and some nice reduced Japanese handcrafts books (they were still more expensive then ordering it over But on the knitting side of live it was just sad. There were just the standard wool which even the bigger department stores sell, there were a few exceptions but those  were overpriced…. Then there was the “new thing” everybody displayed a knitting machine were one just has to turn a crank lever and the machine knitted a tunnel… Where is the fun and skill in that?  The really good thing was the classes on spinning (making yarn) on a spinning wheel.   Everybody with an interest in tatting would have found a nice bunch of grannys (no joking there was Nobody under the age of 60) who where really friendly explaining and showing there skill. They were very helpful too when asked how to start tatting. They were a real highlight. So going there was not a waste of time but it wasn´t as good as i thought….   

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