Baby Ball

March 26, 2008 at 8:27 pm (sewing)

After my brother told me that he and his girlfriend were expecting I started to sew stuff. I started with a baby-ball. Because it is very easy and fast to do…PrototypeI put a little bell in it, my brother loved it, but I thought that it´s abit boring as a gift and more like a prototype…So I googled the internet and found a picture of a lovely “grab-ball”.From the pictures I tried to re-engineer the pattern and ended  up thit lots of “Nockerln” (which is some kind of desert and has the same shape as my pieces…)img_12809.jpgI have honestly no comprehension of space and geometrical forms, but in spite of having no clue it got pretty good.ballball.jpg Sorry again for the crappy pictures… I hope that I can afford a new camera by around May. So please be patient. I am making picture with a canon powershot A10. Ancient but still working.My first baby-grab-ball didn´t go to my brother (I still have month until the Baby will grab anything…) but to a good friends babys. 


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