Baby coat

April 10, 2008 at 4:50 pm (Knit)

I surfed the net and found a very nice pattern for this jacketBaby jacket

The pattern is for free and really nice to knit.

The design and way to work resembles the baby surprise jacket from E. Zimmermann.

I didn´t had the Pattern from the surprise jacket so I started with this one and it got really nice. I started the Zimmermann Jacket a day ago and I think that the free pattern is even easier to anderstand and the outcome are both adorable. For the free pattern I used blue and turquoise cotton. For the E.Z Jacket I used a variety of angora yarns. (All of them leftovers)

E.Z. Baby surprise Jacket

Its soooo soft. I call it my hippy rug. It lookes like one. 

And its not finished yet. I love knitting but the finishing part is really tiresome for me. Weaving in yarn, closing and sewing parts together are things I normally wait with for a few days… And then I hover over it, are undecided if today is really a good finishing day or maybe tomorrow? And all the new things I want to start are allready crowdingmy brain… But I will finish it tomorrow, most likely. 



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