Baby Shoes

April 11, 2008 at 11:33 am (Knit)

I knitted the Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Shoes which were published together with the baby surprise jacket. There were no pictures printed with the instructions but I wanted to give it a try anyways. Even so I am normally allways going for instrutions with pictures… I would never buy a cooking book (or any other instruction book) without pictures.

But our local bookstores even the bigger ones are not really well equipped with books on craft stuff. (Except beginner books, books on oven cloth (I allways use a towel 😉 never owned an oven cloth in my live, never missed them.) or gluing crafts. (I hate glue alot! Never glue something you could sew or knit! Except this very nice sticky glue-stuff you use for finishing quilts… (It doesn´t replace sewing it just makes sure that the front or back doesn´t slide someplace where it should not be…)). Back to topic.

Books. Local Booksstores are making me sad and amazon doesn´t allways have the search inside option, so I have ordered books blindly. And what can I say, sending them back is alot of trouble and there is allways nice stuff too and I can manage without pictures… (I just like them better with!)

But back to the main topic.

Baby boots!

Baby Boots 

aren´t they cute?

But perhaps all things that small are cute…


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