New Camera

April 29, 2008 at 6:39 pm (sewing, Uncategorized)

I have a new camera! So less blurry pictures. Hopefully 😉

Natrually my camera needed something to feel at home. And I needed something to transport it safely around. And because camera bags are ridiculously expensive I made my camera a bag. 

By the way my camera is still nameless (I named my laptop and my ipod) so my camera should not be without a name for long. 

So now to my sewing project.

Take two fabrics you like (and with might work together, even so I personally think a nice contrast is allways the preferale choice) or which you have lying around. Some interface/ fleece to keep the camera protected from light hits. Take either matching coloured sewing yarn or contrasting. Sew together. 

I had a little fight with my sewing maschine, for me this maschine is new. I got it as a present from my boyfriends mother after my own sewing maschine committed suicide (had propably something to do with my choices of colours I made over the years, most people thought they were hideous, so why would the sewing maschine be more agreeable?). So the maschine is new and has like all sewing maschines (propably like all maschines) an own idea how thinks should be done… 

So please don´t jugde my skills too harshly.

I sewed the back, the vlies and the front together and framed it with a blue ribbon I made from the same fabrik as the back. 

I made also one long ribbon for closing the bag. It goes around two times and then it holds everything tight together.

The last picture shows the bag with the ribbon and the little knot at the side. Even so there are tiny mistakes and the white sewing yarn was a bad idea I still like the bag.



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