Neukölln Babypants

May 22, 2008 at 5:58 am (sewing)

I made these special baby pants for my brother. I think he was a bit freaked 

out about all the cute fluffy stuff and he wanted something more hard core. His first request was a sweat suit out of parachute silk. It should look like a miniature sweat suit from the 80s. 

But parachute silk is kind of hard to come by… I actually found an old sweat suit in a thrift shop but it´s pink – so I need another one in green or turquoise… I am still looking…  

I anybody knows a good thrift store in Berlin please tell me. (I was at Humana the biggest thrift store in Berlin and they are expensive, surprisingly so…)


Anyways Neukölln “Gangster” Pants…

Tastefull baby pants… (Everybody who saw them were shocked and appalled – so feel free to disagree)

My brother was really really happy. He nearly cried when I told him I could crochet a gold necklace (Is it called a necklace for man too? Or does it have a more manly expression? like gold chain????) which goes with the pants…

Just in case you are wandering my brother would never wear something like that – but all the baby cloth, the furniture and most things you need come with an absurd amount of cuteness and animals and in pastel colours… 

So for the sake of balance i made these pants. The outer fabric is synthetic  and the lining is made from an old (cotton) t-shirt…


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