A fishy bag for an ex-word

May 27, 2008 at 5:45 am (sewing)

Casio makes great electronical dictionaries. I myself are a happy owner of an ex-word xd-gw7150 and so far I am very, very happy with it.

But the black plastic stratches easily so a protective cover is a must have… 

But luckily it is very easy to sew 🙂

Take a fabric you like and will still like after seeing it nearly daily…


If you want to give the fabric a bit more stability iron Vlieseline on.
If you want to include a ribbon for closing you need to cut the fabric into 4 pieces, one for the back and for the flap/ cover one piece for the front then from each size one piece for the linning.  
After cutting the fabric to the fitting size, pin the two layers (fabric and linning) right side facing inward together, put the Ribbons in center positions at top and bottom and sew one time around, secure the sewing over the ribbon with some extra stiches.
Leave an opening big enough to turn it inside out. The sewing should be secured at the beginning and end. So it does not tear while turning it inside out. Cut the edges. The turn inside out. Iron. Make the second piece accordingly. (Just no Ribbon here.)
 Then pin the fabric securly again for sewing.
With my bag you see the sewing stiches of the final sewing, so choose a yarn which goes with the fabric or which gives a nice contrast.
Sew one time over the outer edges of your bag (watch the ribbon).

Marvel at your greatness;)


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