A mystery solved…

June 10, 2008 at 7:06 am (Daily News)

A few days ago I left my house and somebody hat a german flag hanging out of their window. Which is not a normal sight. In american movies there are flags everywhere but it is rather seldom in germany. It gives most people the creeps because of the war. The Nazzis loved flags. (The Neonazis still do.)

So I was a bit surprised but thought it was just a moron. But when I came back home there were two more. So it was contagious. Our window hadn´t caught it jet. Lucky me.

Here I should mention that I don´t watch TV, I don´t own one and I never ever read the sports section…

So I was a bit taken by surprise when the next day my street looked like that:



How many flags are you counting?

Then there were flags everywhere. If you buy a pizza at a delivery service you get a flag…

Buy the family size washing powder get a flag. Buy  brand chrisps get a make-up pen which draws the german flag a cross your face….

It was a bit like the world soccer championship… But there couldn´t be one so soon again… So what could it be?

Imagine a drum roll. The EM! The eruopean soccer championship. 

The EM is an important event but since the last soccer world championship the merchandise got really really crazy. And it looks like it that they are making a fortune this EM now too.

The most popular thing this time are flags for your car.


My favourite car was one with german, polish and a pirate flag. Sadly it passed by before I could take a picture.

So a happy EM time to everybody. 



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