Long time no see

December 28, 2008 at 11:22 am (sewing)

After finishing my B.A. Degree  surviving the start of my M.A. study and christmas I have at last time to blog again…

I want to show you some of the things I made (mostly at night, but who needs sleep?)

I made a nappy bag for my brother, he wears mostly camouflage and I made the bag from a pair of his old pants. The lining is a beautiful fabrique I bought in Japan. (Japan – Paradise for all crafster!)


The pockets are leftovers from the pants but go very good with the bag. Lots of extra storage, for bottles, napkins and other stuff. 


img_1539 The inside also with lots of extra pockets, I bought all the essentials to size how big the pockets have to be.


img_1535 A corresponding Changing Matt. I decided against a plastic cover which would have been easy to clean – just wipe it – but I didn´t like the feel of it. And I think as soon as one has some practice with changing dipers a normal washable is sufficient. And it feels so much better than plastic. 


img_1537 And a special add on: A selfmade pacifier bead ribbon. It looks cute, but it is very heavy, not suitable for small babys.


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