Baby Grab Ball

May 5, 2008 at 9:22 am (sewing, Uncategorized)

I made another Baby Grab ball. The finished toy is so cute. My grandma used to sew them for all her grandchildren. She explained me how the pattern works over the telefon… But because of my lack of comprehension of space I had tp puzzel abit around and ask a friend…

But essentially it is really easy and cheap to make. 

You need:

Scissors, 1, 2 or 3 fabrics (that depends on your own taste…), a round object (for makind the pattern), a fabric pen (i used a pencil), fluffy stuff for stuffing, some paper and sewing yarn. That should do it. 


Take your fabric (don´t cut them into squares like on the picture… There are left over pieces from a quilt I made..) And make a coulor check.

Then make a shape with your round object on the paper. Remember to make it somewhat bigger for your sewing… Copy the shape on your fabric and cut it.  If you take three colours then you need 12 pieces of each colour. 


Pin two pieces together and sew them together. I started with hand sewing because I normally prefer it while making patchwork but in this case it makes no difference. I made two baby grab balls one with hand stiching and one machine stiching and they both turned out very good. Just that the hand stiching took days instead of hours. So choose your preferd method and stich on one side the pieces together. 

Pin the third piece to them and close on side up. Then sew the last side together but leave a gab for the filling.


Then turn the piece inside out. Fill it with your fluffy material. Stuff it tightly because the filling will shrink.

Close the gab with an invisible stich. Sew the completed pieces at the tips together. 

Take a yarn colour you like because the stiches will be visible. When you attached them like in the pictures above close them to a triangle. Make 4 triangles. out of the 12 pieces.

Sew the triangle at the tips toether.

I attached a bell on one of the corners. Which is good for a baby but should removed when it is grown into a strong tottler, so the child can´t remove the bell and swallow it by accident. 

Finished! I love my grab ball and I ring it alot. (I will keep on doing it until the baby is born….)




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May 3, 2008 at 1:09 pm (seasonal, Uncategorized)

The weather is really nice. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. And everything is blooming. (Evenso I am totally allergic. I can enjoy it.)

Here are some pictures of Hanami (Flower viewing) in Berlin:








A very nice springtime to everyone!


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New Camera

April 29, 2008 at 6:39 pm (sewing, Uncategorized)

I have a new camera! So less blurry pictures. Hopefully 😉

Natrually my camera needed something to feel at home. And I needed something to transport it safely around. And because camera bags are ridiculously expensive I made my camera a bag. 

By the way my camera is still nameless (I named my laptop and my ipod) so my camera should not be without a name for long. 

So now to my sewing project.

Take two fabrics you like (and with might work together, even so I personally think a nice contrast is allways the preferale choice) or which you have lying around. Some interface/ fleece to keep the camera protected from light hits. Take either matching coloured sewing yarn or contrasting. Sew together. 

I had a little fight with my sewing maschine, for me this maschine is new. I got it as a present from my boyfriends mother after my own sewing maschine committed suicide (had propably something to do with my choices of colours I made over the years, most people thought they were hideous, so why would the sewing maschine be more agreeable?). So the maschine is new and has like all sewing maschines (propably like all maschines) an own idea how thinks should be done… 

So please don´t jugde my skills too harshly.

I sewed the back, the vlies and the front together and framed it with a blue ribbon I made from the same fabrik as the back. 

I made also one long ribbon for closing the bag. It goes around two times and then it holds everything tight together.

The last picture shows the bag with the ribbon and the little knot at the side. Even so there are tiny mistakes and the white sewing yarn was a bad idea I still like the bag.


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April 23, 2008 at 7:12 pm (Knit, Uncategorized)

If you want to win an award for clumsiness it´s a good start to run at least once per day in something. Suitable objects are doors (every appartment should have at least one), tables, chairs, washing maschine or if nothing else is available a door threshold will do too. 

I never hurt anything except my feet. Today I droped books on my right now swollen foot. That really rocks!

(I spare you and me the sight of a blurry picture of my foot)


But I finished my hippy rug!





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“Handarbeitsbörse Neubrandenburg” (Crafts fair in Neubrandenburg)

March 9, 2008 at 9:05 am (crafts fair, Uncategorized) (, , )

 The Crafts-fair in Neubrandenburg was my first visit to any crafts-fair  and I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. The area was actually quite big but the quilt exhibition was rather small. And crumbed to the outskirts of the gym. (The main part of the fair was on the playing-field) I thought that for so much work which was put into the quilts the display was rather sad. The fair was mainly selling stuff. There were some nice fabrics available and some nice reduced Japanese handcrafts books (they were still more expensive then ordering it over But on the knitting side of live it was just sad. There were just the standard wool which even the bigger department stores sell, there were a few exceptions but those  were overpriced…. Then there was the “new thing” everybody displayed a knitting machine were one just has to turn a crank lever and the machine knitted a tunnel… Where is the fun and skill in that?  The really good thing was the classes on spinning (making yarn) on a spinning wheel.   Everybody with an interest in tatting would have found a nice bunch of grannys (no joking there was Nobody under the age of 60) who where really friendly explaining and showing there skill. They were very helpful too when asked how to start tatting. They were a real highlight. So going there was not a waste of time but it wasn´t as good as i thought….   

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