Baby Grab Ball

May 5, 2008 at 9:22 am (sewing, Uncategorized)

I made another Baby Grab ball. The finished toy is so cute. My grandma used to sew them for all her grandchildren. She explained me how the pattern works over the telefon… But because of my lack of comprehension of space I had tp puzzel abit around and ask a friend…

But essentially it is really easy and cheap to make. 

You need:

Scissors, 1, 2 or 3 fabrics (that depends on your own taste…), a round object (for makind the pattern), a fabric pen (i used a pencil), fluffy stuff for stuffing, some paper and sewing yarn. That should do it. 


Take your fabric (don´t cut them into squares like on the picture… There are left over pieces from a quilt I made..) And make a coulor check.

Then make a shape with your round object on the paper. Remember to make it somewhat bigger for your sewing… Copy the shape on your fabric and cut it.  If you take three colours then you need 12 pieces of each colour. 


Pin two pieces together and sew them together. I started with hand sewing because I normally prefer it while making patchwork but in this case it makes no difference. I made two baby grab balls one with hand stiching and one machine stiching and they both turned out very good. Just that the hand stiching took days instead of hours. So choose your preferd method and stich on one side the pieces together. 

Pin the third piece to them and close on side up. Then sew the last side together but leave a gab for the filling.


Then turn the piece inside out. Fill it with your fluffy material. Stuff it tightly because the filling will shrink.

Close the gab with an invisible stich. Sew the completed pieces at the tips together. 

Take a yarn colour you like because the stiches will be visible. When you attached them like in the pictures above close them to a triangle. Make 4 triangles. out of the 12 pieces.

Sew the triangle at the tips toether.

I attached a bell on one of the corners. Which is good for a baby but should removed when it is grown into a strong tottler, so the child can´t remove the bell and swallow it by accident. 

Finished! I love my grab ball and I ring it alot. (I will keep on doing it until the baby is born….)




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May 3, 2008 at 1:09 pm (seasonal, Uncategorized)

The weather is really nice. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. And everything is blooming. (Evenso I am totally allergic. I can enjoy it.)

Here are some pictures of Hanami (Flower viewing) in Berlin:








A very nice springtime to everyone!


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New Camera

April 29, 2008 at 6:39 pm (sewing, Uncategorized)

I have a new camera! So less blurry pictures. Hopefully 😉

Natrually my camera needed something to feel at home. And I needed something to transport it safely around. And because camera bags are ridiculously expensive I made my camera a bag. 

By the way my camera is still nameless (I named my laptop and my ipod) so my camera should not be without a name for long. 

So now to my sewing project.

Take two fabrics you like (and with might work together, even so I personally think a nice contrast is allways the preferale choice) or which you have lying around. Some interface/ fleece to keep the camera protected from light hits. Take either matching coloured sewing yarn or contrasting. Sew together. 

I had a little fight with my sewing maschine, for me this maschine is new. I got it as a present from my boyfriends mother after my own sewing maschine committed suicide (had propably something to do with my choices of colours I made over the years, most people thought they were hideous, so why would the sewing maschine be more agreeable?). So the maschine is new and has like all sewing maschines (propably like all maschines) an own idea how thinks should be done… 

So please don´t jugde my skills too harshly.

I sewed the back, the vlies and the front together and framed it with a blue ribbon I made from the same fabrik as the back. 

I made also one long ribbon for closing the bag. It goes around two times and then it holds everything tight together.

The last picture shows the bag with the ribbon and the little knot at the side. Even so there are tiny mistakes and the white sewing yarn was a bad idea I still like the bag.


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Dragon skin

April 27, 2008 at 5:12 pm (Knit)

Today something not baby related. Therefore it is actually somewhat older. I knitted this shoulder shawl about two years ago. 


I made the pattern myself (it is a simple triangle) and I knitted it in Netzpatent (I couldn´t find the english expression… Sorry.) For the finishing touch I made a fringe with yellow wool on the sides. The yarn is 100% Wool very thick and very warm. It was very nice to knit but it would have been to warm to make it in spring-/ summertime. 

Now it is the property of my jounger sister, she says it looks like dragon skin… (Which is not such a bad thing – dragon skin gives a plus on body armor and is a very stylish accessory…)





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April 23, 2008 at 7:12 pm (Knit, Uncategorized)

If you want to win an award for clumsiness it´s a good start to run at least once per day in something. Suitable objects are doors (every appartment should have at least one), tables, chairs, washing maschine or if nothing else is available a door threshold will do too. 

I never hurt anything except my feet. Today I droped books on my right now swollen foot. That really rocks!

(I spare you and me the sight of a blurry picture of my foot)


But I finished my hippy rug!





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Converse to knit

April 22, 2008 at 2:39 pm (Knit)

I found a very lovely pattern for Baby Converse… And everybody knows it is never to early to embed a trademark into a young mind.

The Pattern is available here:

(I still have no clue how to make a link so please copy and paste untill I found out how to do it…)


And because you can never have to many shoes:

blue converse 


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Another Baby Jacket

April 17, 2008 at 9:01 am (Knit)

What can I say, they are easy and fast to knit. And they look cute. 

Baby Jacket

The pattern is my own. The wool is from my new stash. My boyfriends mother cleaned out her closet and now I own bags and bags of wool.

Yeah… I am very happy even so I don´t really have time to knit at the moment. University just started again and there is lots and lots to do.


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Baby Shoes

April 11, 2008 at 11:33 am (Knit)

I knitted the Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Shoes which were published together with the baby surprise jacket. There were no pictures printed with the instructions but I wanted to give it a try anyways. Even so I am normally allways going for instrutions with pictures… I would never buy a cooking book (or any other instruction book) without pictures.

But our local bookstores even the bigger ones are not really well equipped with books on craft stuff. (Except beginner books, books on oven cloth (I allways use a towel 😉 never owned an oven cloth in my live, never missed them.) or gluing crafts. (I hate glue alot! Never glue something you could sew or knit! Except this very nice sticky glue-stuff you use for finishing quilts… (It doesn´t replace sewing it just makes sure that the front or back doesn´t slide someplace where it should not be…)). Back to topic.

Books. Local Booksstores are making me sad and amazon doesn´t allways have the search inside option, so I have ordered books blindly. And what can I say, sending them back is alot of trouble and there is allways nice stuff too and I can manage without pictures… (I just like them better with!)

But back to the main topic.

Baby boots!

Baby Boots 

aren´t they cute?

But perhaps all things that small are cute…

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Baby coat

April 10, 2008 at 4:50 pm (Knit)

I surfed the net and found a very nice pattern for this jacketBaby jacket

The pattern is for free and really nice to knit.

The design and way to work resembles the baby surprise jacket from E. Zimmermann.

I didn´t had the Pattern from the surprise jacket so I started with this one and it got really nice. I started the Zimmermann Jacket a day ago and I think that the free pattern is even easier to anderstand and the outcome are both adorable. For the free pattern I used blue and turquoise cotton. For the E.Z Jacket I used a variety of angora yarns. (All of them leftovers)

E.Z. Baby surprise Jacket

Its soooo soft. I call it my hippy rug. It lookes like one. 

And its not finished yet. I love knitting but the finishing part is really tiresome for me. Weaving in yarn, closing and sewing parts together are things I normally wait with for a few days… And then I hover over it, are undecided if today is really a good finishing day or maybe tomorrow? And all the new things I want to start are allready crowdingmy brain… But I will finish it tomorrow, most likely. 


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Baby Quilt

April 6, 2008 at 11:18 am (sewing)

Since my brother got knocket up  I am working at this Baby Quilt. It ´s a tessilation design and I really enjoy making it. I have made one nother quilt years ago. I made it with lots of different squares, I still like it but after so many squares it become a bit boring to sew. This Time I make a everything by hand sewing. It takes longer but one can watch telly, without the noise from the sewing maschine. 

Like always the picture is blurry.Half a piece...

But the sewing system should be recognizable. Baby Quilt


Here another not really up to date picture of my progress. Some of the corners don´t match a hundret percent but if your not searching for them they are  barely noticeable. 

Es soon as there will be a sunny day I make another picture. 

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